The Importance of a Tagline

ProcureAbility Logo HRAdvisory + Talent Your Way is more than a tagline to us, it’s the core of our new business model which has you, the customer at the center.

For 20 years we have been focused on procurement, it’s all we do. So, earlier this year when we had the opportunity to re-energize our approach to procurement and become ProcureAbility, we knew we wanted the customer to be the center of our new brand. We put an end to the prescriptive approach you often find from traditional firms and applied our expertise in advisory and talent to our new flexible, one-stop-shop model. That’s when we came up with the tagline “Advisory + Talent Your Way”.

When we surveyed our customers, stakeholders, and influencers, we learned that when they are looking for support, they are not just looking for someone to help them cut costs, they are looking for someone who understands their organization and will work alongside them as their needs change and they continue to grow. That is when we decided we wanted to offer procurement solutions how, when, and where you need them; we provide Advisory + Talent Your Way.

We collaborate with customers all along their continuum of needs:

  • Assessing savings, process, and organizational opportunities
  • Cutting costs and improving supplier relationships
  • Remaking teams for increased flexibility, efficiency, and performance
  • Filling long-term and ad hoc talent requirements with targeted resources
  • Transforming their procurement organizations and helping them become world-class

Our procurement approach is: Strategic, Dynamic, Scalable & Flexible.

These are all great words but what do they mean for you? It means we can support our customers through a wide range of options from short-term, part-time project support to ongoing project management and oversight of methodologies, benchmarks, and best practices. At ProcureAbility, we’re not tied to the industry norms or pigeonholed by outdated approaches to consulting and staffing. We want to give our clients the ability to leverage a scalable and flexible range of strategic resources and solutions to meet their ever-changing needs.

It’s procurement empowered, it’s ProcureAbility empowering you with Advisory + Talent Your Way.

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