Insights from Our Q1 2017 Corporate Services Index

Data driven preparation for procurement management
Because information powers procurement strategy and supplier negotiations, I invite you to check out our latest whitepaper, Insights from ProcureAbility’s Q1 2017 Corporate Services Index: Benefits of Market Intelligence in Negotiations.

Sourcing professionals can leverage market intelligence in a variety of beneficial ways:

  • Reduce the cost of spend categories for bottom-line impact
  • Increase budget accuracy and improve cost-savings planning
  • Raise credibility with internal stakeholders
  • Drive fact-based negotiations

ProcureAbility’s Corporate Services Index (CSI) covers 14 of the 77 categories currently analyzed by ProcureAbility. The CSI offers a quick but comprehensive look at how prices for these categories are trending and why, based on the happenings in key cost and demand drivers.

I hope you find the whitepaper useful!  And, because we’d love for you to experience the benefits of market intelligence, we’re offering a complimentary trial of ProcureAbility’s Q2 2017 CSI.

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