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Leveraging Business Intelligence Technology to Maximize Spend Visibility

JACKSONVILLE, FL; March 4, 2015 – ProcureAbilityTM announced today that it has launched PureSpendTM — a robust procurement analytics solution. By offering a best-in-class business intelligence (BI) technology, ProcureAbility is able to deliver superior client spend analysis and visibility in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. The PureSpend solution combines BI technology with decades of ProcureAbility’s procurement expertise and leadership. BI technology solutions are designed to manage large amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop, and create new strategic business opportunities. PureSpend generates actionable spend data faster, provides flexibility to make changes to reporting requirements, and increases productivity in developing procurement and sourcing strategies.

“ProcureAbility’s PureSpend solution is a value-added and critical component of our Strategic Sourcing Opportunity Assessment services, whereas spend data analysis is a foundational element of a successful strategic sourcing roadmap,” said ProcureAbility President and CEO John Evans. “This allows us to leverage the speed, flexibility, and depth of PureSpend technology to deliver comprehensive spend reports to clients in a much shorter timeframe than ever before.”

Benefits of ProcureAbility’s PureSpend Solution include:

Fast – A high-quality spend analysis that can be generated in as little as 4 to 6 weeks, dramatically reducing time to value.

Flexible – Refinements to classifications, hierarchies, and other data structures can be made in real time, allowing immediate input from users, commodity managers, and other stakeholders, without the need for a lengthy republish cycle.

Productive – A unique drill-down and reporting capability, coupled with the real-time data structure modification, enables depth and flexibility of spend analysis unmatched by any other tool.

As part of this technology release, ProcureAbility is offering clients a FREE spend analysis as part of their sourcing opportunity assessment services. Contact ProcureAbility today to find out more about PureSpend as well as the FREE spend analysis at (888) 824.8866.

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