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San Diego, CA – January 17, 2012 – This week at Platts, ProcureAbility Executive Vice President Conrad Snover, along with Walter Rhodes, Vice President, Supply Management, Southern California Edison will be presenting: Insights for Creating Strategic, Value-Driven Stakeholder Relationships. This session—held on Wednesday, January 18, at 8:30 a.m. (PST)—will discuss examining and improving stakeholder perspectives and interactions, procurement’s evolving operating model, and as a result, what SCE has done to develop new skills and practices. Platts Strategic Supply Chain Management for Utilities conference brings together procurement, purchasing, sourcing, planning, and inventory management executives of utility supply chains.

“Walter and I are very excited to be presenting at Platts,” said Snover. “Our presentation will address the stakeholder perspective – what is it that procurement’s key customers really want and how does this differ from procurement’s perspective. We will also discuss procurement’s operating model and how it must evolve to deliver exceptional, customer-driven value.”

Snover continued, “We will also look at developing new skills and practices to answer the supply chain call. It’s a lot of information to cover in one presentation, but it’s very timely, as this is a core issue that many utility supply chain groups are struggling with today.”

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