The 2024 ProcureCon CPO CIO Report

Technology in procurement has emerged as a key component in reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and enabling organizations to increase digital competitiveness. However, many organizations are experiencing procurement silos between their CPOs and CIOs, suggesting that procurement leaders are not fully integrated into important technology decisions.

In this ProcureAbility-sponsored report, ProcureCon surveyed the top risk management, procurement, and supply chain leaders from across the US and Canada to produce unique insights into the CPO and CIO collaboration and alignment.

70% agree only somewhat that their current procurement technologies regularly give them new insights into spending, solving problems, improving processes, and generating cost savings.

The 2024 ProcureCon CPO CIO Report shares key data analyses and insights including:

  • Solutions for data silos and inter-department communication
  • Developing sophisticated compliance technology and cybersecurity
  • Establishing collaborative leadership within IT and procurement departments

If you’re a procurement or IT professional looking for new ways to enhance technology collaborations and improve efficiencies, this report will provide valuable insights you need to move your business forward.

2024 ProcureCon CPO CIO Report