A Human-centered Approach to Esg Goals

An inclusive procurement strategy leverages marketplace opportunities to build strong, forward-thinking, dynamic teams that are diverse, inclusive, and put people on par with profits. By paying [...]

RFP Award Scenarios

These 5 steps help ensure you receive the best outcome from the RFP process & it does not drain unnecessary time from your team. Learn More!

Black History Month

We celebrate Black History Month by creating an educated workplace, encouraging diversity, lifting up our communities & advocating for change.

Rethinking Your Supply Chain

Here’s an overview of what’s happening in the 2021 transportation markets, plus, steps to protect your business and take advantage of new logistics opportunities.

Circular Supply Chain Model

By switching to a circular supply chain concept, resources are used as long as possible, repurposed at end of life and sustainable growth is achieved.

Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps empowers you to build professional-grade apps easily. No IT/coding needed. Save time & money - achieve optimal efficiency across teams.