What is your advisory service?

Our advisory service is our consulting practice, designed for clients who need timely guidance on a wide range of procurement issues so they can reformulate and reposition their teams for maximum effect. Our advisory offerings include procurement and spend assessment and strategy, procurement transformation, strategic sourcing and category management, organizational design, and technology optimization and enablement.

What are the benefits of a supply chain assessment?

Supply chains have become truly global, but with their expanded reach has come increased complexity. We help procurement leaders gain greater visibility and control of every link in their supply chain. We will evaluate your existing supply networks and appraise your functional performance to strengthen your supplier performance management and boost your bottom line.

What does a procurement transformation entail?

Although there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to undergoing a successful transformation, key elements often include organizational design, procurement process improvement, technology implementation, change management, and key performance indicators to track progress. These elements alone won’t guarantee success – that comes from partnering with experts who understand the business and implement the transformation in the context of your organization and the specific challenges you face.

Can ProcureAbility help our procurement team plan around an acquisition?

Yes. We provide on-demand procurement integration and transition teams for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. We have found that most procurement organizations must have adequate staffing to ensure you contribute where it counts for your organization. We can help you set the right expectations around managed services.

Managed Services

What are managed services?

Our managed services programs can combine category or process expertise from our consulting group, access to our analytics team or procurement analytics technology, and our spend-enhancing market intelligence. Our flexible operating model brings together all the services that we offer in a customized way, so we’re only giving you what you need.

What type of clients benefit the most from your managed services?

We find that procurement teams that lack the requisite expertise, bandwidth, technology, or a combination of these inputs benefit the most from contracting with our managed services specialists. Our team can come in and operate a piece of your business for as long as they’re needed. These types of programs can be highly effective for procurement organizations that are already using a mix of staffing resources, consultants, or other third-party support resources. However, it also works well for procurement teams that are relatively nascent and need additional support to elevate the value they bring to their company.

How can ProcureAbility help manage our categories better?

Starting with a Spend and Opportunity Assessment, we can help your business sharpen its focus where it needs to by identifying the categories where you have the greatest opportunities to dominate. This Assessment can also help you think strategically about the sourcing partners you need to drive value and improve your reliability, resilience, and cost-effectiveness. We can take a further deep dive into your category strategies, deploying data analytics and expert insights.

How will we know our ROI?

We’re committed to providing full transparency and accountability. We include a suite of metrics, using a dashboard approach, to give you complete visibility into what we’re working on and how we’re doing against the metrics that we develop with you.


What are your analytics-as-a-service?

ProcureAbility’s advanced analytics provide powerful data analytics to your team so that they can make data-driven decisions that supercharge your procurement effectiveness, solve business challenges, and improve the bottom line. We offer advanced analytics through artificial intelligence applications, end-to-end analytics solutions, development, testing, self-service data analytics, data visualization, and procurement/spend dashboards, actionable intelligence, and stakeholder engagement.

What is your market intelligence offering?

We translate complex market information into easily applied marketplace insights and answer questions specific to your unique category and business needs. Our market intelligence offering includes detailed category data intelligence for specific spend categories and custom market intelligence and research, all focused on the procurement space. Our suite of publications is designed to support sourcing professionals, complemented by access to analysts who know and understand your business.

What does your PureSpend offering do exactly?

Our proprietary PureSpend technology helps our clients collect, clean, classify, and analyze their expenditure data to decrease procurement costs, improve efficiency, and monitor compliance. A company can also leverage the technology in other business areas, including inventory management, budgeting, planning, and product development. ProcureAbility developed all the tool's assets with the practitioner's view in mind.

How do I know your technology solutions will work with our current systems?

At ProcureAbility, nothing is pre-packaged. Our digital support works the way you want and need it to because we assess your specific needs and design solutions that integrate with your existing technology ecosystem.

Staffing and Recruiting

Why should I pick ProcureAbility to help address our staffing challenges?

ProcureAbility is exclusively focused on serving procurement organizations, which means we understand the competencies, category expertise, and specialized skills required of procurement and supply chain professionals. One of our biggest differentiators is our ability to offer flexible delivery models. We offer onsite, fully remote, hybrid, and offshore solutions that align with the ways you work best.

What is ProcureAbility’s main advantage when it comes to supplementing procurement teams?

We have spent the past 25 years honing our ability to find and place top talent for our clients. We understand the types of competencies and expertise that are required to excel in this field. And we have the deep relationships to find the right people, whether it’s to plug a short-term need or find a long-term solution.

How can ProcureAbility help lower our employee turnover?

To retain top procurement talent, you first need to identify the root causes of your procurement team’s turnover. We collaborate with you to design a program for soliciting feedback from current staff to gauge their overall satisfaction and areas for improvement. Then we’ll help you reform your hiring, compensation, career development, and other practices to boost your retention.

Can ProcureAbility help train and develop our procurement staff?

Yes. We start by identifying your team’s existing skills, looking at areas such as negotiation, market analysis, contract management, and supplier relationship management. We then develop a program tailored to help your organization close key capability gaps and upskill existing staff.

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