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Every procurement organization reaches a point in its development when it experiences a critical limit in capacity or capability and needs to change to push through and accomplish more. The challenge is to know where to look for these gaps, and how to fill them once you find them.

ProcureAbility specializes in helping procurement teams reach their potential by harnessing the power of targeted assessments that identify specific improvements they can make on their way to broader procurement transformation. Our procurement assessments create customized roadmaps for achieving industry-leading procurement performance. Backed by our recommendations and guided implementation, our clients’ procurement processes are streamlined and integrated across the enterprise, generating enhanced operational efficiencies, building value, and driving growth.

Procurement Assessments

Our evaluations review our clients’ procurement organizations against best practices and benchmarks to identify gaps in performance and specific steps to address them through a comprehensive transformation plan. We start by creating a baseline for your current procurement capabilities using our proprietary, nine-dimensional operating model, with both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks. Once we identify the areas needing improvement, we provide a detailed report with targeted recommendations and a detailed procurement transformation roadmap for reaching your procurement objectives. Our assessments also help build the internal business case for your procurement transformation agenda among key executives and other stakeholders.

Procurement Transformation Strategy

ProcureAbility provides a wide range of cost-effective, fit-for-purpose resources – including consultants, and staffing or recruiting – to support your transformation initiatives. We train and work seamlessly alongside your team with these ultimate goals in mind:

  • Achieve tangible and measurable benefits that will deliver bottom-line results for your company
  • Improve the reach of procurement across corporate spend
  • Strengthen procurement’s reputation and position within key stakeholder groups
  • Create positive momentum for future and ongoing procurement digital transformation
  • Build up your infrastructure and resources for long-term growth and success
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How can ProcureAbility help?

  • We conduct customized assessments to identify the unique strategies needed to transform your procurement organization and design a clear actionable roadmap to guide you every step of the way.
  • We build a business case and develop internal presentations to help you secure stakeholder support for your procurement transformation.
  • We provide a wide range of cost effective, fit-for-purpose resources (consultants, staffing, or recruiting) to support your transformation initiatives.
  • We train and work seamlessly alongside your team to create operational efficiencies, build value, and drive growth.
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