Powering Up Procurement Through Digital Disruption: Strategic Digital Procurement Solutions

Introduction - What Is Digital Procurement?

Traditionally, procurement analytics have focused on understanding procurement spend and supplier performance solely from a historical perspective. But that is no longer sufficient when procurement organizations face ever-tightening schedules, inflated cost pressures, and the need to get ahead of rapidly changing market dynamics.

As the value of targeted data and complexity increases, it’s imperative to treat data as the most valuable assets and apply a structured toolbox to maximize return on usage. That’s at the core of our digital procurement solutions.

Digital Procurement Strategy

ProcureAbility’s digital solutions enable procurement organizations to drive disruption rather than be buffeted by it. Our digital procurement strategy will put you in control by giving your organization new insights into spending, solving procurement and business problems, improving processes, and generating measurable cost savings.

How Can ProcureAbility Help?
  • Analytics-as-a-Service
    Built by and for procurement practitioners
  • Spend, Advanced, and Predictive Analytics
    Using integrated market intelligence insights
  • Custom Cost Models and Category Intelligence
    Empowering data-enabled critical decision-making
  • Digital and Data Strategy/Digital Procurement Best Practices
    Improving procurement proficiency and efficiency
Learn How Our Inspired Digital Solutions Can Drive Disruption to Create Efficiencies and Generate Cost Savings
ProcureAbility’s Digital Solutions Work the Way You Want Them to

ProcureAbility prepares our clients for the future of procurement–helping them discover, develop, and refine their analytics practices and leverage innovative and industry-leading marketing intelligence. We help them pave the way for their teams to become world-class procurement organizations.

Darshan Deshmukh
Darshan Deshmukh
Spend Analytics

Strategic procurement is now fundamentally reliant on analytics, but procurement teams need a low-risk, high-value solution that can be customized and tailored to suit their specific needs. PureSpend—our technology platform, which combines industry-leading technology with proprietary algorithms—collects, cleans, classifies, and analyzes your expenditure data with an eye toward decreasing procurement costs, improving efficiency, and monitoring compliance. It can also be leveraged in other areas of the business, including inventory management, budgeting, planning.

There Is Almost no End to the Applications PureSpend Can Support
  • Supplier Profiles
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Spend Forecasting
  • Price and Market Forecasting
  • Resource Modeling and Forecasting
  • Self-Service Spend Analytics and Reporting
  • Risk Rankings
  • What-If Analysis
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Advanced Cost Modeling
  • Integrated Spend Analytics Tools
  • Data Architecture Design and Mining
The Benefits of
  • Procurement analytics as a turnkey, tailored managed service
  • Access to data engineering, analytics, and data science experts
  • Robust and accurate data enrichment and enhancement
  • Self-service reporting
  • Integrated access to market intelligence insights
  • Built on industry-leading technology coupled with proprietary algorithms
  • Dashboard-based and highly customizable
  • Developed and delivered by and for procurement experts
  • Actionable savings and compliance improvement opportunity assessments
  • Market intelligence and cost tracking

Our industry-leading PureSpend technology features are designed by experienced procurement professionals, conceived as a flexible service addressing the nuances of each client’s situation, with a clear focus on actionable procurement analytics. PureSpend is a true procurement digital transformation—it does not require specialized staff or training to operate and realize full value, is largely independent of the internal IT function, and requires limited financial commitment while providing high ROI.

PureSpend Is Capable of Addressing a Broad Range of Strategic Procurement Core Enablers
Spend Transparency
Opportunity Assessment
Supply Market Intelligence
Benefits Tracking
Supplier Intelligence, Risk Profiling & Monitoring
Compliance and Diversity Analytics
Supplier Performance Tracking
Cost Modeling & Forecasting
Advanced Analytics

Technology allows procurement organizations to elevate from a tactical part of the organization to a full-fledged contributor to business strategy.

ProcureAbility’s Advanced Analytics provides powerful data analytics to your team so they can make data-driven decisions that supercharge your procurement effectiveness, solve business challenges, and improve the bottom line. We work with your team to translate complex business issues, requirements, and data into structured analytics that transform your business operations.

  • Advanced Data Modeling
  • End-to-End Analytical Solutions
  • Rapid Development, Testing, and Iteration
  • Self-Service Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization and Management
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Engagement
Market Intelligence

Procurement teams need intelligence beyond the ordinary to use data to solve business problems and save money. ProcureAbility Market Intelligence translates complex market information into easily applied, valuable marketplace insights and answers questions specific to your unique category and business needs. Our suite of publications is designed to support sourcing professionals and is complemented by access to researchers and analysts that have decades of experience helping companies better understand the markets in which they compete.

  • Market Basket Reporting
  • Index and Price Point Tracking
  • Sourcing Trends and Insights
  • Supply Market Analysis
  • Cost Models
  • Supply Market Risk Reviews
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