Procurement Staffing and Recruiting Services

Your talent partner, every step of the way

Recruiting top-tier talent today to build a flexible team for tomorrow is key to your success. ProcureAbility partners with your procurement organization to add quality resources when the demand exceeds your existing teams’ capacity. Procure Ability finds the right professionals to step into long-term strategic and tactical roles when you are looking to grow or augment your staff.

Flexible. Agile. Balanced. These are the traits of forward-thinking procurement organizations in today’s evolving marketplace. ProcureAbility scales with your business needs to provide specialized, fit-for-purpose, on-demand resources by leveraging our extensive network of talented procurement and supply chain professionals. We aligns our resources with your unique operational needs so they can add value from day one.

ProcureAbility can support you through every stage of growth. When you are ready to make a short-term or permanent hire, we will find you qualified, specialized candidates through our rigorous three-phase interview process that screens for high-performing individuals.

Areas of expertise

  • Category management
  • Contract management
  • Executive leadership
  • Procurement operations
  • Procurement technology
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Supplier performance management
  • Supply chain management

How can ProcureAbility help?

  • Recruit and provide a direct hire placement
  • Secure the right professionals for long-term strategic and tactical roles, or access short-term staffing solutions for fixed periods
  • Build a flexible, resilient procurement team for the future
  • Gain access to on-demand resources that leverage our network of procurement professionals

Learn how we can help you build a top-performing procurement team

Because ProcureAbility is focused exclusively on serving procurement organizations, we understand the competencies, category expertise, and specialized skills required of procurement and supply chain professionals. Your success is our goal. Have questions? Just reach out to us, we’re here to help!

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Staffing for Mergers,
Aquisitions & Divestures

ProcureAbility Staffing and Recruiting Flyer

Staffing & Recruiting Flyer


Staffing for Mergers,
Acquisitions & Divestures



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