Enhancing 2021 Procurement Strategies by Leveraging the “New Normal”

Enhancing 2021 Procurement Strategies by Leveraging the “New Normal”

We were all happy to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror, but for Procurement and Supply Chain organizations the challenges and opportunities will continue. Did we ever think we would be sourcing toilet paper or working with distilleries to provide hand sanitizer? With the supply and demand for services and materials continually shifting, every organization is looking to its Procurement experts for increased flexibility, resilience, and creativity to “solve” our new normal. The good news is that Procurement organizations can leverage the new normal to enhance their 2021 strategies.

Some of the topics covered in this whitepaper are:

  • Managing procurement risk and providing supply assurance were key to success.
  • Working remotely was possible, but was it optimal?
  • Procurement adapted and implemented new ways to fulfill stakeholder requirements.
  • Procurement’s role dramatically shifted from a savings focus to a key strategic advisor and critical partner for businesses

The discussion continues and explores Procurement priorities for 2021.

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