Rebranding your procurement department within your organization is a significant and important undertaking for your long-term success. The positioning of your procurement organization’s transformation from tactical to strategic
is a critical part of the internal messaging required to communicate the increased value your activities drive for the business.

Planning a procurement rebrand

Determining appropriate and attainable goals and metrics to measure your progress is the essential first step to quantifying your return on investment (ROI) and communicating your success internally. You should plan to measure several KPIs including:

  • Increased visibility of the procurement department
  • Improved relationships with other departments
  • Increased participation in strategic initiatives
  • Improved stakeholder satisfaction

Secondly, you need to create an execution plan for how you will achieve these goals. This most likely will involve:

Training employees on the new procurement process
Creating and implementing an organization-wide communication plan
Improving the department’s existing systems and procedures

You need to implement your plan and closely manage progress to determine what adjustments need to be made. Monitoring progress against your goals and fine-tuning the strategy as you go will ensure continued success. Finally, you should celebrate your success, publicize achieved changes, and keep working to maintain the new procurement brand. By following these steps, you can ensure your procurement rebranding efforts are successful and recognized.

Increased visibility

One of procurement’s rebranding goals is to increase visibility within the organization. This can be measured by tracking how often employees interact with procurement or by surveying how they perceive the department.
Either way, increasing visibility is key to getting employees to understand and appreciate what procurement does
for the company. Procurement’s rebranding efforts may include updates to the department’s website and resources or other changes that can help increase employees’ perception of procurement and make it easier for them to identify and interact with the department.

By increasing the visibility of your procurement department during the rebranding process, you can build credibility and a stronger foundation for your department’s future success while demonstrating your strategic value to the business.

Improved internal relationships

Another goal of rebranding procurement is to improve your internal relationships by being valued as a strategic internal partner. This can be measured by tracking the number of requests for assistance from other departments or by surveying employees to see how efficiently procurement can assist with their requests. Other measurements are nuanced such as improved relationships with other departments that lead to more efficient and coordinated partnership on projects and increased overall satisfaction with procurement within the organization.

Increased participation in strategic initiatives

As procurement becomes more strategic, you can expect to see an increase in its participation in firm-wide initiatives. Procurement’s increased participation in strategic activities helps to drive success during rebranding through more effective engagement with other departments, more efficient operations, and improved communication. As a result, companies rely on their procurement organizations to help create more streamlined and value-driving efforts for the business.

Higher internal satisfaction

An improvement in employees’ satisfaction with your procurement department often follows successful transformation and rebranding initiatives. The rebranding of your procurement department will result in increased efficiency and productivity in other departments as they lean on your expertise and contributions to add value for their operations.

Measuring the success of your efforts can be challenging, but it is essential to continue making progress and building upon your internal brand. Using the framework outlined, you can track how well your procurement organization of the future performs against your goals and make changes as necessary throughout the procurement rebranding process.

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