Creativity in Procurement

In the face of unprecedented uncertainty in the global procurement and supply chain market, leaders must unleash their ingenuity. Navigating complex challenges calls for innovative solutions that push the boundaries of traditional methods and prioritize resilience and sustainability. It's crucial to consider the social and economic factors impacting the supply chain, including changing consumer demands, geopolitical dynamics, and resource availability.

In our latest SIG podcast, we delve into the untapped potential of creativity in the procurement function:

  • What is creativity in procurement, and how can it be leveraged to elevate your procurement function.
  • Best practices and real-life examples for applying creativity to enhance specific areas of your procurement processes.
  • Actionable steps for procurement leaders to take for implementing creativity to enhance the procurement function.

Listen to SIG’s CEO and President, Dawn Tiura, and Larry Flusser from ProcureAbility, as they discuss understanding the power of creativity in procurement.

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