Overcoming Procurement’s Fear of AI

As businesses evolve, seamlessly integrating human expertise with cutting-edge AI technology becomes increasingly vital.

Human-centered AI enhances procurement roles by providing invaluable insights, streamlining processes, and boosting decision-making capabilities. Embracing this technology can empower procurement teams, optimize operations, and achieve greater efficiencies.

Listen to Art of Procurement’s Founder and Managing Director, Phillip Ideson and President, Darshan Deshmukh, from ProcureAbility, as they explore the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI in revolutionizing procurement.

What you'll learn:

  • Gain insights into the measurable ROI benefits of AI adoption in procurement and actionable strategies to maximize returns. 
  • Discover how AI augments human decision-making with data-driven insights, paving the way for strategic procurement outcomes.
  • Tangible next steps for using AI to optimize complex procurement processes, saving time and resources, while enhancing operational efficiency.

“I think we are headed for human-centered AI where we have the human at the core, and you are going to augment your capabilities with technology to make your work better. That is where it is going.” – Darshan Deshmukh, President

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