Mastering Managed Procurement Services

”Procurement organizations of the future recognize this reimagination moment for their business model and the opportunity to leverage a more agile, innovative way of doing business.” – Carlos Perico, Senior Director

As your business grows or adjusts to industry changes, scaling your procurement strategy quickly and efficiently is crucial. Yet, building a strong procurement function often requires resources that many companies lack.

This is where Managed Services can step in and leverage specialized teams to support your needs. Managed Services entails engaging an external party to help oversee procurement. The agreement enables the provider to execute procurement processes. This type of support can result in immediate and effective advantages, enhancing your overall procurement function.

Listen to SIG's CEO and President, Dawn Tiura, and Senior Director, Carlos Perico from ProcureAbility, as they explore the realm of procurement Managed Services, delving into Managed Services' pivotal role in your organization's procurement success strategy and long-term growth.

Key highlights include:

  • Deep insights on the advantages of utilizing a Managed Services partner to enhance procurement functions.
  • Tangible next steps for utilizing Managed Services agreements to enhance business agility and efficiency.
  • Understanding the importance of focusing on core competencies by leveraging external procurement specialists.

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ProcureAbility transforms global businesses into procurement organizations of the future. Our customized, flexible procurement Managed Services solutions drive transformation, create value, and communicate procurement’s strategic importance.
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Elevating Procurement: A journey of passion and purpose