Positive Pressure:
The merits of sustainable and responsible sourcing

In a recent CPO benchmarking study, 46% of CPOs indicate that delivering on ESG and sustainability goals are a 'high priority.'1

In the face of the climate crisis, businesses are taking charge of their environmental impact. ProcureAbility's latest insights delve into the pivotal role procurement plays in driving ESG initiatives and creating lasting value for organizations in 2024 and beyond.

Key highlights include:

  • Actionable steps procurement teams can take to propel the organization towards its ESG goals.
  • Understand the importance of sustainable procurement in meeting ESG objectives.
  • Insights into the benefits and challenges of implementing a sustainability program.

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Positive Pressure:The merits of sustainable and responsible sourcing

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ProcureAbility understands the challenges of the evolving procurement landscape and the opportunities achieving your ESG goals present for your organization. Big or small, we'll help you make the next smart move.
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