Get Real: How to Authentically Build Meaningful Relationships in Procurement

We have powerful technology at our fingertips, but in fact it’s our humanness that gives us competitive advantage in procurement.

We are living in the post-global pandemic age–and while lockdowns proved to be incredibly challenging for us all, it was also a time when many of us found our authentic selves.

Procurement is all about relationships—and learning how to navigate real, authentic and meaningful relationships is a huge key to success in the procurement profession. Given the current global situation with inflation, supply chain challenges and talent shortages, it has never been more important to shift the focus on building strong, long lasting, genuine relationships with our stakeholders.

Kristen Rellihan, ProcureAbility's Director of Operations, speaks to Procurious Founder and CEO, Tania Seary about how procurement is evolving and the four skills required to build meaningful relationships in our profession.