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The Talent & Knowledge Management Imperative
As Baby Boomers resume their workforce exodus, Millennials continue to grow as the nation’s largest generation, 75+ million strong.
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The Developing Flex/Gig Economy
Multiple workforce trends present changes and challenges for procurement organizations. Fortunately, opportunities to adapt are on the horizon.
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Increased Supply + Price Transparency Hits Marketing Consulting
If you source marketing consulting, you may want to know that things are looking up since prices are trending down.
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The Importance of a Tagline
Advisory + Talent Your Way is more than a tagline to us, it’s the core of our new business model which has you, the customer at the center.
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Insights from Our Q1 2017 Corporate Services Index
Sourcing professionals can leverage market intelligence in a variety of ways from reducing cost, to increasing budget accuracy, to improving credibility.
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Welcome to the ProcureAbility Blog
I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to ProcureAbility's new blog. Formerly known as Denali Group, ProcureAbility has been focused on procurement's success since 1996.
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