Liliya Mack

Liliya Mack


Drawing from extensive experience as a procurement specialist at both RMA Group and Bio-Rad Laboratories, Liliya Mack possesses a wealth of knowledge in enhancing vendor relationships to achieve cost-effective procurement solutions. She has experience in many aspects of procurement, including the issuance of purchase orders in SAP and Ariba, supplier performance management, and supplier selection and qualification. She excels at managing invoicing and crafting customized SAP/Ariba instructions for businesses. Her role extends to offering continuous support, creating training materials for new hires, and leading procurement teams as a procurement specialist manager.

Liliya holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research (now KIMEP University), bolstering her business and managerial economics proficiency.

Liliya enjoys camping, hiking, skiing, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.