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Now is the time to become a world-class procurement organization and this is the place to start.


Since 1996 We’ve Focused on Procurement’s
Success. It’s All We Do.

ProcureAbility transforms traditional, outdated procurement consulting and staffing models  by
offering advisory and resource support on our clients’ terms.

Our delivery model is unique.

Clients have access to unbundled resources, plus the ability to selectively add value through leading-edge methodologies, the latest best practices, and specialized insight and advice—an approach unheard of in traditional consulting and staffing firms.

Our Procurement Assessment Method is
Simple and Effective

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We review  your organization’s people, process and spend against best practices and benchmarks.

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We identify specific improvement initiatives.

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We develop a strategic transformation roadmap tailored for your company.

…All in Six to Eight Weeks!


Procurement Assessments & Transformations

Do you know what parts of your procurement operation need change and how to get there? ProcureAbility specializes in helping procurement organizations reach their potential by harnessing the power of targeted assessments that identify specific improvements that can lead to procurement transformation.

Now is the time to become a world-class procurement organization, and this is the place to start.


A 6-8 week evaluation where your organization’s practices are reviewed against best practices and benchmarks to identify performance gaps as compared to “best in class” organizations, specific improvement initiatives are identified and a strategic transformation roadmap developed.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. We create a baseline for current procurement capabilities using our 9-dimensional model with quantitative and qualitative benchmarks
  2. We identify gaps vs. best practices
  3. We provide detailed report with recommendations and roadmap for steps to reaching procurement success!


This 6-24 month process begins where an Assessment ends. Steps are taken to close the gaps and implement changes detailed in the assessment report and roadmap.

The ultimate goal of a transformation:

  1. Achieve tangible benefits that will deliver bottom-line results to your company
  2. Improve the reach of procurement across corporate spend
  3. Build/grow procurement’s reputation and position with key stakeholder groups
  4. Create a momentum for continued change in Procurement
  5. Strengthen your infrastructure and resources for long term growth & success


Go from Good to Great

At ProcureAbility, we aren’t wed to old, static models and won’t force fit a system on you. Our delivery model is unique,
allowing for a wide range of flexibility.

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Work with executive-level partners and advisor consultants who deliver a wide range of strategic procurement solution.

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Select individual resources or complete project teams based on your current and future needs.

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Design your own custom, cost-effective procurement solution without ties to traditional models.

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Utilize support remote, on-sire support. We use leading-edge technology to work with your organization the way you prefer.

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Value Added
Access one of the broadest libraries of procurement and supply chain insights available – based on our 20+ years in the procurement space.

Lead Your Team Toward Becoming a World-Class Procurement Organization.

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How Can ProcureAbility Help Your Organization?

  • We can conduct targeted assessments to identify the specific changes needed to transform your Procurement organization and design a clear roadmap for your transformation
  • We can build a business case and internal presentations to help you solidify stakeholder support for your procurement transformation
  • We can provide a wide range of cost effective, fit-for-purpose resources (consultants, staffing, or recruiting) to support your transformation initiatives
  • We can design, train and develop your procurement organization to support a new way of Procurement

“I’ve successfully worked with ProcureAbility experts for everything from large consulting projects to ad-hoc resource support. Their unique, scalable delivery model flexes with my needs to drive value.”

–Debbie Avila
CPO, LA Metro; former Director of Supply Chain
Management, SCE

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Now Is The Time To Become A World-class Procurement Organization And This Is The Place To Start.

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