• Utility Procurement 2020 – Best Practices Benchmark Study Findings - The comprehensive utility services industry study identifies best practices and trends in the procurement space, as well as quantifying key operational metrics for comparison of participants. Most metrics and practices were organized along three primary themes: Value Creation, Operational Excellence, and Strategies for Growth. The study classifies utility services as
  • Five Steps to Building a Successful Procurement Strategy - Without a comprehensive Procurement Strategy in place, it’s impossible to know whether or not your procurement organization is aligned with the corporate strategy, and whether or not progress is being made. Leading procurement organizations are adopting an integrated approach to transforming their end-to-end Sourcing and Procurement processes in favor of
  • Stop Sabotaging Your Procurement Transformation Efforts – 5 Mistakes to Avoid - Procurement Transformation must follow a holistic approach to improving all aspects of the procurement organization in order to achieve results and ensure long-term sustainability. What Procurement Transformation is: An improvement approach that focuses on all dimensions of procurement effectiveness A program with goals to increase & expand Procurement’s total value
  • Procurement Transformation: Collaborating to Create Sustainable Results - ProcureAbility and Caesars Entertainment present Procurement Transformation: Collaborating to Create Sustainable Results at the SIG Global Leadership Summit in Seattle, WA. The presentation includes case study advice on how to establish quick wins on the path to Procurement Transformation, and covers three integral requirements for that transformation: Process: Design and
  • RAPID Strategic Sourcing: Five Strategies for Tangible Results - ProcureAbility's RAPID sourcing process focuses on the fundamentals to reduce overall total cost in the shortest amount of time possible. This presentation covers ProcureAbility’s five strategies for achieving tangible results, via a RAPID Sourcing model: Master Supply Markets, Develop a Robust Attack Plan, Use Fit-for-Purpose Approaches, Aggressively Manage In-Flights, and
  • Securing the Mandate to Achieve Cost Leadership and Build a Leading Procurement Organization - This comprehensive, detailed case study covers how PG&E transformed its Supply Chain organization with a staged, enterprise-wide program that delivered sustainable results. Lessons learned cover: how to achieve lasting results by articulating strategic and tactical goals, identifying organizational scope, defining the new operating model, maintaining momentum, and establishing sustainable capabilities
  • Procurement Transformation on the Fast Track: Doing More with Less - This presentation presents a focused, innovative model for fast tracking Procurement transformation. It covers key enablers, the process, ProcureAbility's RAPID sourcing process, metrics, and keys to success. Procurement organizations appear to be trending away from “project based” insular improvement initiatives, toward more holistic approaches to build increased capability across all
  • Rethinking Procurement Talent Management: Innovating for Today’s Workforce - The war for talent exists–organizations need to address the workforce gaps and their future potential to remain competitive. This presentation reviews trends and innovations in talent management, including shifts in recruiting, retention, and succession strategies; creating formal knowledge management programs; evolving compensation plans; and creating collaborative cultures by embracing social
  • Building an Effective Knowledge Management Program - The most prolific workforce segment in our history is starting to retire, and taking with it decades of institutional knowledge. The growing Millennial workforce needs efficient processes for training as well as systems to capture new knowledge. Knowledge Management is critical for leading Procurement organizations. This presentation reviews four key
  • What’s Next in Procurement: Innovation Trends for 2011 and Beyond - This presentation reviews ProcureAbility's Procurement Innovation Research, conducted among dozens of Global 1000 Procurement executives. The research points to emerging Procurement trends in three key areas: More Proactive Procurement, Procurement's Expanding Scope, and Stronger Organizational Focus. Innovation prediction topics include: Expanding Procurement’s Value, The Virtual Procurement Organization, and Rethinking Talent
  • Driving Value Through Supply Chain Innovation - This presentation includes ProcureAbility innovation research findings and covers: Procurement & The Value Creation Model ProcureAbility's Approach to Discovering Innovation Insight into Next-Generation Procurement Organization Several factors are forcing a radical rethinking of the Procurement organization, such as new demands of the Millennial workforce, increasing trends toward the “gig" economy,
  • CPO Roundtable Executive Summary: 2011 SIG Global Sourcing Summit - This presentation summarizes Global 1000 Procurement executives’ views on how leading organizations are leveraging social media, innovating to drive more value, and navigating a multi-cultural and global environment. Innovations discussed include the reinvention of Procurement’s operating model to expand relationships with business unit leaders and establish stronger partner roles, was

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