Procurement Intelligence & Analytics Capabilities To Support Procurement of the Future

In this webinar, we discusses Advanced Analytics for Procurement in general and conclude with specifics related to a maintenance fleet use case.

With the realization that data is the new basis of competitive advantage,  The agenda for this webinar includes:

  • What is Advanced Procurement Analytics
  • The Evolving World of Procurement Analytics
  • The Direction of Procurement Analytics
  • The Data Analytics Technology Landscape
  • Process & the Procurement Analytics Value Chain
  • Today’s Data Environment & What Can Be Done With It

We see Procurement Analytics evolving to include these activities:

  • Next Generation Spend Analytics
  • Predictive Spend Analytics, including Spend Forecasting
  • Supply/Suppler Risk Forecasting
  • Price & Market Forecasting
  • Integration of Market Data, Spend Data and of non-standard data
  • Resource Modelling and Forecasting

We continue to explain concepts that support the future of Advanced Procurement Analytics we provide an example in the use case.

For more information on how ProcureAbility can improve your Procurement Analytics & Intelligence please visit our Procurement Analytics & Intelligence page or contact us now.

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